Stray Kids’ Felix Reveals The Special Gift He Plans On Making And Giving Stay

Isn’t he the sweetest?

Many know that Stray KidsFelix is one of the sweetest idols out there! From his caring personality to his warm smile, Felix goes all out to make Stays happy. Felix proved his generosity in his recent live broadcast!

During his live broadcast, Felix was asked by a viewer, “When are you going to make the cake?

For those unaware, Felix loves to bake yummy treats and, in his live broadcast, Felix revealed he was thinking about banana cake!

Well, I asked what kind of cake I should make. They said banana cake is great.

— Felix

Though fans suggested banana cake, Felix revealed he had a different idea and shared wanted to make cupcakes for his fans!

Or cupcakes. I’m still thinking. So, I’m thinking about making cupcakes. It’s a cake. But a small cake. So, I will make little cupcakes. And I’ll eat them one by one. And I will share them. It would be fun.

— Felix

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, Stray Kids and Stays have not been able to meet face to face. Felix commented that as soon as it’s safe to meet fans again, he wants to share some tasty cupcakes with them! Isn’t he the sweetest?!

If there’s an opportunity to meet Stay, I will make special limited cupcakes, and give them out to you.

— Felix

Along with the cupcakes, Felix shared he wants to also include small letters and a handshake with them.

‘Enjoy.’ I will write a small letter. ‘Enjoy.’ And then I will give it to you. It would be fun. And we can do some handshakes.

— Felix

While it’s currently still unsafe to meet in person, Felix stated he will prepare until he can see Stays again.

Until that day comes, I will cook hard. I will get prepared. So…Don’t worry.

— Felix

Before ending the topic was over, Felix remembered another idea he had involving the cupcakes.

When I make those cupcakes, I had an idea. So…What was it? There’s icing on top of the cupcakes, right? Anyway, I will make yellow icing. And I will draw a chick. I want to make it look cute. That was one idea. I wish Stay enjoys my cupcake.

— Felix

Of course, the viewers watching commented they loved the idea! Some even suggested other creative ideas for Felix’s cupcake.

Source: @realstraykids and Naver TV

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