Stray Kids’ Felix Just Gave Taylor Swift’s Name A Korean Twist

“Never in my life did I think I’d hear that.”

Stray KidsFelix referred to singer-songwriter Taylor Swift in a completely unexpected way, and it’s something fans won’t forget for a long time!

Stray Kids’ Felix | @Stray_Kids/Twitter
Taylor Swift | @taylorswift/Instagram

The two stars recently attended the 2023 VMAs (also known as the 2023 Video Music Awards) in Newark, New Jersey. Taylor Swift went viral afterwards as she was spotted enjoying the group’s live performance, looking awestruck and dancing along to the beat.

Member Felix shared his thoughts on her reaction in a live broadcast aired on his birthday, September 15. He admitted that seeing the global celebrity watching their performance made him feel nervous, yet it also had the effect of making him more motivated to perform better. He was thankful that she appeared to enjoy their music.

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

But it was the way he referred to her that caught fans offguard! He called her “Taylor Swift sunbae-nim.” The term “sunbae-nim” is a respectful Korean honorific used to address someone who is more senior to them. In this case, Taylor is Stray Kids’ senior in the music industry.

While dancing at the VMAs, I saw that Taylor Swift sunbae-nim was watching us from afar. I became more nervous. The fact that such a person was watching us, that was really memorable. I thought that I have to do better, so I’m so thankful and really touched that such person was enjoying our music.

— Felix

Fans never thought they’d hear someone say that, but it was nonetheless funny and adorable!

Taylor Swift may not be Korean, but that doesn’t stop Felix from showing his respect for her. Meanwhile, watch Stray Kids’ performance at the VMAs below.

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