Stray Kids’ Fight Scene In “Side Effects” With Hyunjin And Seungmin Really Went Down Like This

Reality is far from expectation.

Stray Kids released behind the scenes footage of their newest video “Side Effects”. In the process, they revealed how the fight scene between Seungmin and Hyunjin really happened.

In the video, Hyunjin knocked the camera out of Seungmin’s hand. Then, Seungmin pushed Hyunjin.

In the footage, Hyunjin instead hugged Seungmin. And, they both had the biggest smiles ever on their faces.

When Hyunjin practiced by lightly pushing Seungmin, Changbin playfully came in between as if he were stopping a fight.

Before getting ready to film the actual scene, Hyunjin couldn’t focus at all and Seungmin was entertained with his happy smile.

After a few takes of Seungmin pushing him, Hyunjin said Seungmin was too cute and kept laughing.

They eventually got the perfect scene they needed, but it didn’t happen like you’d expect. Watch them having fun with the scene here.

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