Stray Kids’ Han Called Out By Dad For Flirting With His Daughter

Han had a good laugh about it.

Stray Kids stopped in Phoenix, Arizona, as part of the U.S. leg of their world tour District 9: Unlock. Between performances, the group had taken a breather to talk with fans and express their feelings.

Since Han is always up to something, that’s when he encountered a hilarious situation with a fan and her father.

Image credit: ©officialino

While interacting with fans, Han made a playfully serious face and gave them two thumbs-up. When he heard one of them shout his name, he gave a cool salute followed by a smile. That’s when the funniness started.

Right after, there was a loud male voice asking, “Why did you do that to her?” Since Han spoke English during his many years in Malaysia, he completely understood. As he listened with a smile on his face, he then burst into laughter.

He found the situation so funny that he had to rest his hands on his thighs, bending forward with laughter. Even as he turned to listen to Bang Chan speak, Han was still having a good laugh about it.

Whenever Han’s on stage, there’s never a dull moment, whether it be his powerful stage presence or funny shenanigans.

Watch the funny moment that has STAYs cracking up over the humourous father and amused Han.

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