Stray Kids’ Han And Changbin Hyping Up AB6IX’s Daehwi Is Friendship Goals

Friends always make sure you’re having a good time.

At the Vlive Awards V Heartbeat, Stray KidsHan and Changbin were jamming to Anne Marie‘s performance along with AB6IX‘s Daehwi, who was sitting in front of them.


It all started when Changbin said something to Daehwi that made him make a funny face and turn his head toward him.

That’s when Changbin and Han used the opportunity to sing close to Daehwi’s ears, causing him to cover them, playfully blocking them out. They didn’t stop there either.

Han picked up one of Daehwi’s arms and tried to pump him up by swinging it up and down to the music. With the biggest smile on Han’s face and his high energy, Daehwi couldn’t help but smile too.

Changbin later followed suit, picking up both of Daehwi’s arms and moving them up and down in time with the music. By then, Daehwi was used to his friends’ attention and sang along like nothing was happening.

The best friends are the ones who make sure you’re having fun and help bring you out of your shell to do it. Watch them have a ball jamming out to Anne Marie here.

Stray Kids

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