Stray Kids’ Han Is So Clumsy He Hit Himself With A Microphone

He turned out to be perfectly fine.

Stray Kids finished off their District 9: Unlock concert dates in Seoul. Han couldn’t go without having a minor mishap.


To conclude the concert, they did their final bow. Han was so hyped up that he continued to shout into his microphone.

When he leaned up, he was in for a shock. In his excitement, he’d brought his microphone so close to his mouth that it knocked against it, hard.

Han instantly held a hand to his mouth as he felt the pain then tried to walk it off.

Only a few moments later and he was back to his usual self, thanking STAYs for coming.

Han may be too clumsy for his own good. From falling while trying to pop a balloon to hitting himself with a microphone, he truly is someone that needs to be protected, at least from himself.


See Han close out their concert while being his clumsy self here.

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