Stray Kids Han Didn’t Want To Release His Touching Song “Close”, Here’s What Changed

The world would’ve never heard it.

About two months ago, Han of Stray Kids surprised everyone with the release of a beautiful solo song titled “Close” through SKZ-Player. The emotional lyrics and sentimental vibe instantly drew fans in.

Ironically, Han revealed that he hadn’t planned to release it for those same reasons. During the group’s interview with Teen Vogue, he shared his initial plans for the track.

With the song being inspired by the opening scene of the movie Closer and laying bare the emotions of wanting to connect with a stranger on a deeper level, it’s definitely a personal song that many can relate to.

Because of how touching it was, Han didn’t want anyone else to listen to it. He revealed, “I didn’t originally want to release ‘Close.’ I wanted to keep it to myself.” Something, or rather someone, changed his mind.

Once he played the song for his fellow members, they loved it just as much as he did. They didn’t want him to keep the song all to himself; they wanted him to do the complete opposite. Han gained strength from them, “But after showing it to the members, they encouraged me…”

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That’s what influenced Han to gift everyone with such a personal song. Hearing their support was the push he needed. Han finished, “…and that motivated me to share it.”

Just like Stray Kids give Han the strength to come out of his shell on stage, they do the same when he’s unsure of whether to share his personal music.

With the state of the world right now, his song couldn’t have been released at a better time. Since everyone can’t connect in person, everyone can share that longing through “Close”.

Source: Teen Vogue

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