Stray Kids Han Revealed Why He Forgets Lyrics, But They Didn’t Believe Him One Bit

It actually made a lot of sense.

During their online fan meeting for Shopee, Stray Kids played a fun round of Never Have I Ever that revealed some fun facts about them. When it came to forgetting lyrics, there was one member who took the crown: Han.

Although he shared the reason why he’s so forgetful, his members didn’t buy it one bit.

Right after the host asked if they’d ever forgotten their choreography or lyrics, Han didn’t need anyone to remind him. He held his sign high as the other members soon admitted to being in the same boat at least once.

Because Han was so quick to answer, the host asked him to share the story behind it. He explained that the energy from being on stage and with fans was all he could think about. “I don’t know why, but every time the tension was up, I would suddenly forget about everything on stage.

While the other members listened to his explanation, they fought back their laughter as they held up “NO” signs to show their disagreement. In the end, they all ended up cracking up over the answer—even Han.

Although the members didn’t want to believe Han’s answer, this is the same guy who was so focused on interacting with fans that he missed the last part of their “Yayaya” stage and hilariously watched them in shock.

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If Han forgets a line here or there, who can blame him? He’s living his best life and bringing fans joy in more ways than one.

Watch Stray Kids’ humorous reactions to Han’s explanation here.

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