Stray Kids Han Isn’t Fooling Anyone With His Trick For Looking Taller

STAYs caught on to him πŸ˜‚

When it comes to height, the members of Stray KidsΒ are somewhere in the middle. As a whole, they’re taller than average but not extremely tall.

Since Hyunjin is nearly six feet tall, that can make the smallest members Changbin and Han look a bit short in comparison. To offset that, Han has been using a trick to make him look just as tall as everyone else. One that couldn’t go unnoticed by fans.

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With all the members wearing the same pair of shoes, a fan noticed something that didn’t look quite the same as all the others.

While all the other members were wearing the standard pair of black Dr. Martens, Han’s pair had a thick platform that looked hilarious when placed next to theirs.

Because the typical person wouldn’t look too long at someone’s shoes, it’s a fool-proof way to make someone look just a bit taller than they actually are. In fact, it’s a trick Han’s been using for a while.

Ever since the group’s promotions for “Side Effects” last year, Han has rarely gone without his trusty platform boots.

He’s still been rocking the pair all through promotions for the group’s recent title track “God’s Menu”. Lately, it seems like Han has given them a break. At least, while he simply switched up the style.

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From an appearance within the last couple days, Han wasn’t wearing his signature boots. Rather than the lace-up pair, he wore the Chelsea style, which has a platform just at tall as the other. He’s not the only member, either.

As the second shortest member, fans also noticed that Changbin sometimes wears the platform boots as well.

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Whether it’s for fashion or a little additional height, Han always has his platform boots by his side.

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