Stray Kids’ Han Jokes That Hyunjin Is An Old Man For This Habit

“I think we have to check his ID card.”

When the Stray Kids‘ ’00 liners were talking about what type of weather they preferred, Hyunjin shared a habit that the rest of them couldn’t help but joke about.


And, Han couldn’t let the opportunity pass him by.

Hyunjin shared that his body aches whenever it rains. And, Han was the first to ask if it was true, thinking he’d misheard.

Han and Felix asked if Hyunjin had meant to say his heart rather than his body. When they realized Hyunjin meant what he’d said, Han asked, “How old are you?”

After they all got a laugh out of Han’s question, especially Seungmin, Hyunjin revealed that his body aches the day before it rains. And, he remembered a time when he woke up with his body aching only to discover it was raining.

With all the details revealed, Han pointed to Hyunjin and said, “I think we have to check his ID card.” And, the joke made everyone burst into laughter.

Hyunjin may have the ability of an older man, but now Stray Kids know who to go to whenever they need to know if it’s going to rain.

Listen to Han’s jokes about Hyunjin’s ability at 20:27.

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