Why Stray Kids’ Han Gets More Nervous Performing Now Than He Did In The Past

He doesn’t want to mess up.

Stray Kids have been busy since debut. For a group with several years of experience, you might not think that they get nervous while performing. For Han, that’s not necessarily the case.

(left to right) Stray Kids’ Changbin, Lee Know, Felix, Han, Hyunjin, I.N, Seungmin & Bang Chan | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

In a recent interview with Seventeen, Stray Kids discussed the different ways they have changed over the years. Han revealed that he used to be less nervous to perform than he is these days.

Han considered the expectations fans have of him, taking into account how the fan base has grown. He doesn’t want to make mistakes.

We’ve gained a lot more STAY now, and there’s a level of expectation. Since I’m thinking about fulfilling those expectations, I can’t help but feel more nervous now because I’m trying harder to not make mistakes.

— Han

Changbin agreed with Han’s way of thinking and added that he felt a sense of responsibility toward his fans.

It feels like we have a heavier responsibility now versus back then.

— Changbin

Bang Chan also considered the growth of the fandom. He mentioned that at one point they didn’t even have a name for the fans, but now they have “a big family” of Stay.

Bang Chan talked about the relationship Stray Kids have with Stay.

We have people that we can rely on. We have people that, you know, can rely on us, and I think it’s a really beautiful connection that we have.

— Bang Chan


Fans agreed with the sentiment and added what they think of Stray Kids’ performance abilities.

It’s evident that the relationship between Stray Kids and Stay is a close one. Stray Kids will continue to put on the best performances they can in order to live up to the expectations, and Stay will continue to support them.

Source: Seventeen

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