Stray Kids’ Han Offers To Be Lee Know’s Boyfriend, And They Were Actually Impressed

“You have to pick him.”

Stray KidsLee Know won the position of being a unit leader on Weekly Idol. To his surprise, Hyunjin, Han, and Changbin all wanted to be on his team. With only two spots available, he asked them to show him their charms.

As one of the group’s rappers, Han naturally created a freestyle rap about Lee Know’s handsome looks and how he was his shining light. Since it was a sudden request, though, it took an unexpected turn.

To cement his position as one of Lee Know’s teammates, Han told him that he would be Lee Know’s perfect boyfriend. He then told him to hold his hand and pick him for his team. Of course, he ended it with, “I love you.”

His rap was a total hit, with everyone clapping and saying he’s a genius. Felix and Woojin even said that Han had to be chosen. The funniest part about the whole thing was that Lee Know didn’t have a problem with Han’s offer. The only problem he had was Han’s sweaty hand.

It would’ve been better if he hadn’t held my hands.

In the end, Lee Know did choose Han for his team. See Han’s special rap for Lee Know and their unphased reactions to his boyfriend offer here.

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