Stray Kids’ Han Once Feared Dearly For His Life, And The Reason Will Terrify You

The incident involves jungles, floods, and a crocodile!

Stray KidsHan was once in extreme fear for his life, and once you know the reason, you’ll be extremely shook too!

In a past episode of Two Kids Room, Han was asked about a memory he was really scared about. In response, Han then began to relate an incident that took place a few years ago, when he had moved to Malaysia for a while with his family.

I used to live in Malaysia. In Malaysia, my dad used to do this jungle tour. In Malaysia, there are many jungles, but only one place you can actually go in.



He then further explained the route they used by boat, and also revealed that there was a shallow river area where one could swim.

In the course, you take a boat along the river, and in the shallow water, there’s a place where we can swim.



He then revealed the terrifying incident that went down, and how he managed to survive within an inch of his life!

But it was still inside a jungle, it was pouring rain that time too. Normally the water is shallow, and comes up to only about here. But because of the rain, the water came to about waist-level for a normal adult. But I was a kid then, and the water came up till my neck!



He then talked more about the incident, revealing how he almost drowned, and also almost got eaten by a crocodile!

I got swept towards the waterfall, I grabbed onto a stone. I was hanging on…and I was like “What do I do? What do I do?” Then I looked behind me…and there was a crocodile tail!! Seeing that, I realized I’d die if I let this go.



Han then went on to (thankfully) reveal that he was eventually saved by a native tour guide who reached out and pulled him up onto the boat, and away from danger.

One of the native tour guides who worked with my dad grabbed my hand and pulled, and told me that I could have seriously gotten hurt. I was so shocked then, it scares me even to this day. That’s my scariest memory.



The incident sounds like such a scary one, but thankfully, Han made it! He’s now part of Stray Kids’ as their main rapper, and is loved by fans all over the world!


You can watch Han reveal the whole story here, from 2:40 onwards!

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