Stray Kids’ Han Points Out The Change He’s Noticed In Bang Chan Over Four Years

“You were like a beast before.”

Stray KidsHan and Bang Chan discussed how long they’d known each other in the return of Two Kids Room. Upon realizing it had been four years, Bang Chan asked Han if there had been any change in him.


Han instantly noted that Bang Chan had become nicer than when they’d first met and explained how.

From Han’s unique point of view, he likened Bang Chan to being a tamed beast to explain how much more approachable he is than before. Bang Chan has maintained his personality but is more relatable than before.

You can be tamed now. You were like a beast before.

When trying to describe the person Bang Chan is now, Han kept in line with his earlier analogy by comparing him to a temperamental cat. It’s far safer than an untamed beast since it’s most likely to be violent only when provoked.

But, now you are like…a violent pet cat?

As one of the oldest in the group and its leader, Bang Chan could easily seem hard for them to approach. Thanks to his softening demeanor over the years, he’s been able to break through that. Listen to Han’s unique explanation of him starting at 1:23.

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