Stray Kids’ Han’s Reaction To Being Caught Fanboying Over GOT7 Is Priceless

He wasn’t ready for his fanboying to go public.

Stray Kids and GOT7 both attended the 2019 Vlive Heartbeat Awards and performed medleys of their recent songs.


When it was time for GOT7 to take the stage, Han was captured having a funny moment.

At first, he was jamming out to “You Calling My Name”, singing along with the biggest smile on his face. As soon as he spotted the camera filming him, his expression did a complete one-eighty.

He panicked with wide eyes and stopped singing. To save face, Han turned away and put on his best emotionless expression.

Although idols typically keep a straight face at award shows to avoid any issues that may arise, there should be no harm in jamming out to his sunbaes‘ performance.

Watch Han’s energy level hilariously go from one hundred to zero in the blink of an eye.