Stray Kids Han’s Reaction To A Fan’s Engagement Is Absolutely Priceless

It wasn’t what he’d been expecting 😂

Stray KidsHan never fails to make fans laugh with his reactions and didn’t disappoint when a fan shared the sweet news of being engaged.


During one of the group’s fan signings, the fan held up their hand to show off their engagement ring, announcing the news. Han didn’t seem to believe the news at first, asking, “With who?

When Han elaborated, “With your boyfriend?” the fan confirmed it was indeed true. Making a shocked face, Han asked, “I mean, are you serious?

Realizing that the fan was telling the truth, Han immediately smiled, clapping as he congratulated them on the wonderful news.

Fans were laughing at Han’s reactions, pointing out that he might’ve thought the fan was attempting to deliver a pickup line instead of a real announcement.

Even the fan joked about how shocked Han looked. Congratulations to the fan on their engagement and making an unforgettable memory with the group.

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