Stray Kids’ Han Recreates JYP’s Boyfriend Photo But Makes It 100% Better

It was the last thing Han thought he’d be doing.

After spinning a wheel full of penalties for Star Road, Stray KidsHan ended up with one that didn’t seem like a penalty at all. The task was simple.


All he had to do was take a boyfriend photo. Thinking he already looked the part of a boyfriend, he wasn’t phased by it. Someone couldn’t resist bursting his bubble, claiming that he didn’t. I.N then came up with a solution.

Smiling a mischievous smile, he held a hand forward as he suggested that Han should recreate a photo that Park Jin Young once took, “Why don’t you do this one? Like the producer did, the spoon-feeding.”

To show what it had looked like, Star Road inserted the photo, blurring out Park Jin Young’s face.

Han wasn’t as confident as he was in the beginning but still had enough left to go through with it. On the count to three, he held out a spoon and busted out a bright smile, leaning his head slightly into his free hand. If you looked up “Sunshine” and boyfriend in the dictionary, this is the photo that would be next to it.

Funnily enough, the editors placed Han and Park Jin Young’s boyfriend photos side by side. Although the concept was the same, they were completely different. From Han’s expression and styling to the lighting, his photo was indeed the youthful, 2020 version.

Watch Han take his penalty and become the boyfriend that everyone wouldn’t hesitate to accept food from.

Stray Kids