Here’s Why Stray Kids’ Songwriter Was “Really Impressed” By Han

STAYs can totally relate to his reaction.

Fans of Stray Kids aren’t the only ones who are in awe of Han‘s incredible talents. In a recent interview, one of the group’s songwriters shared just why he was “really impressed” by the rapper too.

While the Stray Kids members write many of their own songs, they also work with some great K-Pop producers too. One such songwriter is JINBYJIN (also known as Jin Suk Choi), a Seoul-based producer from the production team Dsign Music. Over the years, JINBYJIN was worked on great songs from some of the most popular artists, including Girls’ Generation‘s “Catch Me If You Can,” NCT 127‘s “Simon Says,” and more.

NCT 127 | SM Entertainment

Recently, Jin also co-composed and arranged Stray Kids’ NOEASY B-side “Secret Secret” with the help of none other than Han. Han was responsible for writing the lyrics as well as composing the track’s topline, and while Jin worked with him, he found himself struck by something very impressive about the Stray Kids member.

JINBYJIN | @jinbyjin/Instagram

Talking to GOKPOP Malaysia, Jin explained that JYP Entertainment‘s A&R team got in touch with Dsign Music with a specific sound in mind. The producer soon came up with a track that the company really liked, but alongside considering Jin’s version of the song, they also asked Han to write his own topline.

Stray Kids’ Han | JYP Entertainment

After deciding they liked both versions of the song, JYP Entertainment then asked Jin to help find the right structure for Han’s topline and the rest of the track combined. While finalizing edits on a song isn’t something an idol would usually be involved in, Jin revealed that Han was there all the while, writing lyrics while Jin worked on the composition.

JINBYJIN points out the couch Han wrote lyrics on. | GOKPOP Malaysia/YouTube

But Han’s input wasn’t the most impressive thing Jin noted while they worked together. He found himself even more in awe when “cutting” Han’s vocals for the song—and realizing just how good he is at singing.

| JYP Entertainment

I was like, ‘Wow, [Han] is a really great singer.’ I was really impressed.


Naturally, Jin asked Han whether his role in Stray Kids was the Main Vocalist position, and the producer soon found himself floored when Han replied, “No, I’m a rapper.

I was like… ‘What?!


Listening to Han hit a “high C” while singing, Jin was thoroughly impressed by Han’s “solid articulation” and “very strong voice.” The producer went on to gush, “I was really impressed. I was really happy.”

| JYP Entertainment

Ultimately, Stray Kids decided to include the song—”Secret Secret”—in their newest album NOEASY. After learning that the album sold over one million copies and became the highest-selling JYP Entertainment album in history, JINBYJIN was filled with pride—just like STAYs.

I was really happy, I feel really proud of them to achieve that monumental achievement.


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