Stray Kids’ Han Starts A Family Fight On Live Broadcast After “Cheating” On Hyunjin With Lee Know

K-Pop’s love triangle drama.

In celebration of the Chuseok holidays, Stray Kids decided to host their live broadcast holiday special.

Stray Kids pretended that the members were all part of one giant family!

The youngest members, I.N and Felix, were the grandparents.

Their son was Han, who was married to Hyunjin.

The couple had three beautiful children who were Woojin, Changbin, and Chan.

Meanwhile, the uncle to the three children was Seungmin who was married to Lee Know.

Throughout the live broadcast, Han showered his “wife” Hyunjin with affection, even if she didn’t reciprocate it all the time.

Unfortunately, it looked like there was some family drama arising.

Han inquired about the age of his sister-in-law Lee Know.

His “son” Changbin cheekily asked why Han was so interested in Lee Know when he was married to Hyunjin.

Dad why are you so interested in my aunt?

Realizing what was going on, Hyunjin hit Han with a bunch of spring onions.

With some tender words, Han managed to solve this Chuseok family crisis temporarily.

But it was clear that Lee Know had stolen Han’s heart.

Han wanted to celebrate the family holiday of Chuseok with some good food and good company.

Unfortunately, he started another family drama during “Korean Thanksgiving.”

Han asked Lee Know to join him to celebrate. Meanwhile, Lee Know’s “husband” Seungmin was irritated that Han was stealing his wife.

Shortly after, Lee Know volunteered to cook the meals in the kitchen.

Without a word, Han set out to join Lee Know. Once again, Changbin exposed Han for trying to cheat on his wife.

Why do you two go together?

Realizing the homewrecking that was going on during Chuseok, Hyunjin forcibly separated his husband and Lee Know.

Han hurriedly tried to explain himself to alleviate the family tension.

I wanted to go to the kitchen with her and cook together. What’s wrong?

As Jisung and Lee Know were exposed for cheating on their spouses, Seungmin came up with a brilliant idea!

Seungmin asked Hyunjin to be with him instead. Much to Han’s chagrin, Hyunjin gladly accepted!

Before the family drama could break out in full, the credits started rolling.

While Chuseok has always been about family reunions, only Stray Kids can turn this celebration into a cheating scandal in a dysfunctional family!

And with that, is a perfect summary of Chuseok in the Stray Kids household.

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