Stray Kids’ Han Thought He Had The Perfect Save When He Messed Up Their Greeting

He got an A for effort.

At the start of an interview is when introductions typically happen. That’s what Stray Kids did with Young Hollywood, but something was hilariously off.


Leader Bang Chan asked if everyone was ready and began their greeting like usual with the phrase “Step out.”

But, there was someone in the corner doing their own thing. Unlike everyone else, Han had bowed and tried to cover it up by raising his hand in a wave as he returned to an upright position.

And, he’d tried to play it off even further by using Seungmin‘s favorite phrase to make his own greeting: “Stray Kids in the building.”

Stray Kids have been traveling all over the world for their Unveil Tour “I Am…”, so it’s understandable to mix up when and when not to bow during specific introductions.

You have to admit he did it as smoothly as he could have. Watch Han’s funny mistake and how he tried to save it here.

Stray Kids