Stray Kids Weren’t Ready For How Tiny Han’s Waist Is

They knew his waist was snatched but not that snatched 😂

Stray KidsHan might not show off his abs often but is one of the male idols that leaves everyone surprised by how slim his waist is. It’s so tiny that even his members were shook by its measurement on Weekly Idol.


As the hosts, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk and special MC WEi‘s Kim Yohan did the honors of measuring Han’s waist. Before they started, Hyunjin made them laugh by saying, “Han has no waist.

Kim Yohan quickly agreed with Hyunjin after wrapping the measuring tape around Han. He admitted, “It’s very thin.

Kim Yohan revealed that Han’s waist measured 70cm. Their reactions to hearing the size were priceless.

Every single one of the Stray Kids members reacted with pure shock. Changbin was so surprised that he admitted, “I drooled.

When Kim Yohan converted the measurement into 27.5 inches, Hyunjin was even more shocked to hear the small number.

With the waists of some female idols being as small as 24 inches, Han isn’t that far off. Check out their hilariously shocked reactions to Han’s tiny waist here.

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