Stray Kids’ Han Went To The Hospital Twice For His Scars

He shared the injuries that led to the scars.

If you ever take a close look at Stray KidsHan, you’ll sometimes see a scar on his forehead and one next to his right eye. Since fans were curious how the idol got them, he shared the stories behind them during a live broadcast.

Han | @realstraykids/Instagram

Han was happy to talk about his forehead scar because it turned out to be his favorite. When he wore glasses, those around him mentioned his resemblance to Harry Potter. He then shared how he got it.

It might sound weird, but, you know, I used to wear glasses. Back then it looks like Harry Potter’s scar.

Although my name is Peter, people told me I’m like Harry Potter. That’s why it’s my favorite scar.

— Han

Around the age of five or six, Han went outside to ride his tricycle because he “couldn’t ride a bicycle back then.

In the parking lot of his family’s apartment, Han pretended to be a race car driver as he circled it for a few laps. There was just one problem when he finished his victory lap.

Han was so excited that he took his hands off the tricycle wheel and accidentally drove right into the apartment’s garden, giving his head a hard knock.

I’m like, ‘I broke the tape!’ Then I raised my arms like this without touching the wheel. So, I got my head hit by the garden.

— Han

Like any caring parent, Han’s dad found him and took him to get the injury treated. Han said, “My dad also came down and said, ‘What happened?’ We went to a hospital.

The scar beside his right eye happened without Han noticing. He was playing with the other kindergarten students, where he “was running around and got hit by a desk.” Han didn’t realize he’d been bleeding until his teacher asked him, “‘What happened?’” before calling his dad to take him to the hospital.

I can’t remember anything. I think I found blood here. Then, my dad showed up at the kindergarten and took me to a hospital to stitch the wound.

— Han

From Han’s two trips to the hospital, it makes sense why his dad joked he was a “naughty boy” growing up. The idol wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t have the unique scars, though.

Source: Naver Live

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