Stray Kids’ Han Won’t Let Changbin Live Down His Pre-Debut Days

He couldn’t resist bringing that iconic performance up.

No matter what subject they’re talking about or whatever situation they’re in, Stray KidsHan always finds a way to turn it into something humorous.

When Changbin recalled how he became interested in rapping, it instantly reminded Han of an epic moment from his pre-debut days he’ll never forget about—or let Changbin forget.

In a live broadcast featuring both of them, Han asked Changbin a serious question. Since they’re both powerful and skilled rappers, he was curious how Changbin became interested in the genre. “I have a question. Since when did you like Hip-Hop?”

He wasn’t the only one who wanted to know. Fans had asked Changbin the same question. Although he’s part of the group’s rap-line and known among idols for his rapid-fire skills, he’d actually begun because of dancing. “I think I’ve told STAY this. I started off by dancing. I was into dancing first.”

Not believing what he’d heard, Han made an expression of surprise. Changbin shut him down, explaining further, “Don’t laugh. Don’t make that face. I started dancing in the ninth grade.” Hearing about dancing from him was all that Han needed.

As Changbin offered up the answer, “But, I sometimes had to rap during dance lessons,” Han wasn’t paying attention at all. Bobbing his head from side to side and moving his left hand, he was imitating the dancing that Changbin had been referring to.

As Han chuckled, Changbin noticed what he was doing. Instead of coming up with a comeback or telling him to stop, he merely lowered his head and held a hand to his face. He couldn’t even deny it. With a bittersweet smile, he said, “Yes, that was it. That was it,” before laughing himself.

What flashback was Han replaying? During Changbin’s school years, he covered Taeyang‘s “Ringa Linga” for a dance performance.

In his chunky, eye-catching sneakers and his massive stage presence, Changbin fiercely did justice to Taeyang’s choreography. The cheers and screams from the audience expressed it all.

Who could blame Han for recalling such an epic pre-debut moment from Changbin? See them laugh about it, beginning at 8:21. If you want to see the performance as well, check it out below.

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