Here’s How Stray Kids Handles Hate And Malicious Comments

Lee Know and Changbin got real about the topic.

With as much worldwide popularity as Stray Kids has, it also comes with some not-so-positive attention. On how they handle the negativity, they spoke up about it during an interview with Rolling Stone India.

Stray Kids

Lee Know didn’t waste any time admitting, “To be honest, it’s not easy.” He found a way to keep his peace in the face of the negativity, though.

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Instead of feeding into the hate, Lee Know doesn’t let it get into his head. He revealed, “Which is why I think it’s important to make your own ‘safe-zone’ that can relieve your stress.Changbin had a different approach to handling it.

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Changbin noted that some not-so-nice comments could be useful but should never interfere with self-love. He said, “While there are some that can be helpful, I don’t think there’s any need to let your confidence drop because of these comments.


Like Lee Know, Changbin brushed off most of the negative words. He continued, “If the feedback is helpful to your personal growth, take it in, and if it’s baseless criticism or condescending comments, I think you can just chew and spit it out.

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Whatever hateful words are being said about them, the members of Stray Kids aren’t taking them to heart as they continue on their journey of growth—as individuals and musicians.

Source: Rolling Stone India

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