The Time Stray Kids’ Changbin Couldn’t Convince Hyunjin He Was Popular In Middle School

He never gave up trying to persuade him.

During a live broadcast, Stray KidsHyunjin and Changbin recalled memories from the days they were still attending school.

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While on the subject, Changbin shared that he heard Hyunjin was very popular in school, “I heard you were popular in school.

Correcting him, Hyunjin clarified that he wasn’t popular because he always kept to himself: “no I wasn’t. I was really quiet in school.

This is where Changbin claimed, “when I was in middle school, I was quite popular.”

Changbin shared with STAY and Hyunjin that on the school community page, his fellow female students would post things such as “Dear Changbin, I saw you coming to school on your bike this morning. How can you look fabulous with your hair all over the place.”

Of course, Hyunjin teased him and couldn’t trust Changbin’s words. In disbelief, Hyunjin yelled endlessly: “This is so fake,” “Unbelievable,” “Oh my God, I can’t listen to this. I think my ears are bleeding. Seriously my ears are bleeding.” 

Despite Changbin’s struggle to convince Hyunjin, he continued and revealed that there would even be letters waiting for him in his locker. Not only did he receive letters but also his favorite foods: spicy chicken noodles or snacks.

Hyunjin, still a non-believer, threw out several disses: “You’re such a writer,” “should I put a melody on that for you?” “Let’s write a book,” and “you’ve been watching dramas lately. And you’ve become better at writing.” 

To credit his words, Changbin questioned how he could get evidence but couldn’t figure it out in the end.

Whether Changbin was popular in middle school or not, he has many Stays who love him now!

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