Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Believes Bang Chan Has Changed Since Their Trainee Days

It’s helped their relationship grow.

The members of Stray Kids have grown since they were trainees. According to Hyunjin, leader Bang Chan has changed in a pivotal way.

During a recent episode of Stray Kids’ YouTube series “2 Kids Room,” Bang Chan and Hyunjin discussed their relationship.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin (left) and Bang Chan (right) | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

When discussing their trainee days, Hyunjin mentioned that Bang Chan used to be a bit stern.

Considering Bang Chan had the unusual task of selecting the trainees he would eventually debut with, he had to scold the other trainees. The purpose of the job was, as Hyunjin says, so they could “grow apart from each other in order to debut together.”

To Hyunjin, this was the “toughest reality about being a trainee.”

Hyunjin then observed that when Bang Chan was in charge pre-debut, he was about two years younger than Hyunjin is now.

To put it in perspective, at that time, Bang Chan was younger than Stray Kids’ youngest member I.N is today when he was essentially the leader of the trainees!

In simpler terms, “A kid was leading kids,” which is sort of cute in retrospect.

Hyunjin also says that Bang Chan is easier to deal with now, and they’ve become closer naturally over their time together.

When Bang Chan thinks about the past, he sometimes wonders why he did certain things.

But for him, these actions make him want to take care of Hyunjin even more now.

I think those things make me want to protect him even more now. I want to cherish and protect you even more.

— Bang Chan

Hyunjin’s perspective that Bang Chan was “a kid leading kids” struck many fanscausing them to respect Stray Kids’ leader even more.

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Though trainee days must have been difficult for Bang Chan, he was able to debut with the other members and has since grown as a leader and member of the group.

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Stray Kids’ journey wasn’t easy. Luckily the members get along so well today that Bang Chan can’t help but dish out hugs for each of them. You can find out which two members he likes hugging the most here.

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