Stray Kids Hyunjin Exposes Changbin For Making Their Dances Sexy

“Changbin dances erotically.” – Hyunjin

Stray Kids starred in the newest episode of Weekly Idol to kick off their promotions for “Back Door”. During the segment “I Caught You” created specifically for the group, their guesses uncovered hilarious stories fans hadn’t known.

One of them was how Changbin changes their choreography into a sexy style.

After clapping his hands in realization, Hyunjin made them laugh by pointing out Changbin’s habit of changing their choreography. “He doesn’t dance as he is told to dance. He modifies the dance on his own.

The funniest part was that Changbin made it sexier from the movement of his hips alone, “Changbin dances erotically. Yes, he uses his hips a lot.

Because Kwanghee asked for an example, Hyunjin immediately thought of the choreography for their pre-debut track “Hellevator”. He showed everyone what the original choreography looked like, “Changbin was supposed to dance his part like this.

Rather than putting power into his shoulders for sharp movement, Hyunjin showed how Changbin instead moved his hips and slowed it down altogether. “But, he would do this.” The accuracy had Felix and the others laughing.

Even Changbin couldn’t deny his funny habit. All he could do was nod to confirm it.

If you’re ever curious about the sexy version of the group’s choreography, just keep an eye on Changbin. See Hyunjin expose the hilarious habit here.

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