Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Failed At Acting Because His “Fanboys” Wouldn’t STFU

They wouldn’t leave him alone.

During filming for Stray Kids‘ mini-movie, Hyunjin kept getting NG after NG, but it wasn’t his fault.


His “fanboy” members were to blame!


Dingo follows a fictional female trainee named Kim Dingo during her first day at JYP Entertainment. Throughout the movie, Kim Dingo struggles to keep her fangirl feels under wraps as she runs into the handsome Stray Kids members.


During this particular scene, Hyunjin was supposed to make a cool entrance, but that was easier said than done.


Who would have thought that these two shots would have nearly 2 minutes of NGs!


Hyunjin was nervous about doing the scene…


…but he promised to do his best, for his fans.


Hyunjin might have gotten an “OK” on his first try…if his members had kept their mouths shut!


They made fanboy comments in the background, even as the staff told them not to laugh.


Hyunjin told them to be quiet, but that’s one promise his members couldn’t keep!


They all faced away from the camera, to supposedly avoid distracting Hyunjin…


…but it was just a trick! Stray Kids were able to cause an NG without even looking at him!


To see Hyunjin’s “fanboys” in action, check out the whole clip here.