Stray Kids’ Hyunjin And Felix Drink This Before Performing To Protect Their Throats

They say it even guarantees perfect live vocals.

In an episode of Stray KidsSKZ-Talker Go, they showed a bit of what they do before going up on stage to perform. Among having fun, they make sure to take care of their bodies.


One of the precautions they take is protecting their throats from vocal strain. To do that, Hyunjin grabbed a bottle of honey and squeezed some down his throat.

Since Felix wanted to do the same, he reached for the bottle and squeezed the honey into his mouth as well. Hyunjin revealed that not only did he like the taste of honey but it gives the ability for perfect live vocals.

To demonstrate how well it works, Felix danced as if it made him come alive with energy.

The secret to how Stray Kids maintain killer live vocals throughout long concert performances has finally been revealed.

Watch Hyunjin and Felix have fun explaining the benefits of honey here.

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