Stray Kids’ Hyunjin And Felix Prove They Are Some Of The Most Giving Idols In K-Pop

They are so sweet!

Stray KidsHyunjin and Felix recently did an interview with Arena Homme Plus where they revealed their affection and gratitude for everyone.

Felix (left) and Hyunjin (right) | CUT Magazine

Everyone knows that Stray Kids loves their fans very much and the interviewer recognized it as well. Focusing on Felix, the interviewer was curious to know why he loved skinship so much. To this, Felix gave an incredibly sweet reply.

I just like hugs. My members, managers, staff members. We’re all a team working toward the same dream. I really value them a lot and I want to care for them. I show that through hugs and baking for them rather than through words.

— Felix

Felix shared that he personally makes people bread and cookies to showcase his love and gratitude. He claimed that it makes him very proud to share what he makes.

I make it carefully, from the ingredients to the recipe. I love hearing compliments from those I share them with. I think it’s a great way to make a comfortable environment. ‘How long did this take to make?’ ‘It tastes good’, ‘make them for me again.’ These responses make me proud. My members eat a lot so I try to make something that isn’t difficult.

— Felix

Felix doesn’t just care for those involved in his career, but to those in need as well. The interviewer drew attention to this and mentioned Felix as the generous sponsor of Save The Children.

I enjoyed donating ever since I was little. I want to be able to help as much as I can for children to be able to live in a better environment. Do I have a lot of affection? Yes I have always been like that. I am currently sponsoring several children.

— Felix

Of course, Felix isn’t the only sweet member of Stray Kids, member Hyunjin is also a loving person as well. The interviewer mentioned that they could feel Hyunjin’s affection towards his fans. Hyunjin then replied with loving words.

To be honest, I hated my eyes, I thought they looked awkward. But our fans love them so much I started to love them too. I used to dislike myself but my fans tell me one by one the parts that they love about me so I think to myself, ‘is it really like that?’ And have accepted it. I am very thankful. They taught me how to love myself.

— Hyunjin

Hyunjin also shared how he missed seeing his fans at their performances. He explained that they give strength to him and the other members. He revealed that their cheers are the most thrilling to him.

I gain a lot of strength whenever I hear their cheers. There hasn’t been any performances lately where we’ve been able to see our fans which is really upsetting, but I think we still showed our best on stages.

— Hyunjin

It appears that the two are some of the most generous and loving idols out there! Whether it’s their fans, staff members, or those in need, Hyunjin and Felix will be there with gratitude, hugs, and baked goods!

Source: Arena Homme Plus and Naver

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