Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Went Full Fanboy Mode While Talking About GOT7’s Jinyoung During A Livestream

Hyunjin really is Jinyoung’s biggest fan.

When it comes to being a fanboy of GOT7‘s Jinyoung, there’s no one more dedicated to showering his sunbae with love than Stray KidsHyunjin. He’s showed what a huge fan of Jinyoung he is on multiple occasions and he recently showed his fanboy side once again during a livestream.


Hyunjin and I.N were recently made their acting debut in an episode of A-Teen. During a recent livestream, they talked about their filming experience which in turn led to a conversation about Hyunjin’s favorite actor…Jinyoung!


During the broadcast, Hyunjin revealed that he’s been binge-watching the drama “He Is Psychometric”…

Recently, I’ve been watching He Is Psychometric!

— Hyunjin


And has been getting really into it!

I have two more episodes left and I cried in the middle of watching it…

— Hyunjin


When I.N asked why Hyunjin would have this reaction, Hyujin immediately named Jinyoung as the reason before cutely admitting how he felt after watching his own acting!

I watched Jinyoung hyung act. But then I watched myself acting and almost threw my phone away!

— Hyunjin


Hyunjin’s fanboy moment has put a huge smile on everyone’s face!


Meanwhile, everyone is pumped to see actor Hyunjin in the upcoming episode of A-Teen!

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