Stray Kids’ Hyunjin And Han Reveal Why Changbin Is The Scariest Among Them When Angry

I.N doesn’t know how scary he can be, but Hyunjin and Han do.

During Changbin‘s episode of Stray KidsOne Kid’s Room, they revealed another side of him that wasn’t like his usual self. Although he tends to be playful, teasing them whenever he gets the chance, he switches up completely when he’s angry.


In fact, Han selected him as the scariest, “Among us, Changbin is the scariest person when he gets angry.” As soon as he put the statement out there, no one denied it.

Hyunjin quickly agreed, confirming that a scary Changbin was someone they didn’t want to mess with. After Han backed him up, Hyunjin continued the thought by revealing what happens when that side of Changbin makes an appearance.

As soon as the 00-liners Hyunjin, Han, Seungmin, and Felix notice that Changbin is angry, “All four of us [make] eye contact with each other within 0.5 seconds.” With just their eyes, they signal to each other that the storm that is Changbin is just getting started.

To keep Changbin from getting any angrier or scarier, they send telepathic messages through their eye contact. All it takes is a look for them to understand that it isn’t a good time to interact with Changbin and instead avoid him by returning to their rooms.

After figuring out the best way to keep Changbin from getting angrier, they then wonder how it happened. Han said they talk amongst each other, going back and forth about it but always deciding it’s best to stay hidden. Hyunjin stated that all the conversations usually end with, “I’ll grasp the situation and tell you later.”

In the end, Han admits that Changbin apologizes to everyone, regardless of who was involved, after reaching such a high level of anger. If the 00-liners have a plan in place to handle Changbin’s anger, he must really go off the rails.

Everyone has different things that set them off, especially when it comes to anger. Changbin can be just a little scarier than others. Listen to Han and Hyunjin discuss facing his wrath here.

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