Fans Think Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Is “Hotter Than Your Ex,” And He Agrees

“Hwang Hyunjin is definitely hotter than your ex and better than your next.”

Stray KidsHyunjin has fans swooning wherever he goes. He even recently went viral after his flawless visuals had locals in a chokehold.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin | @realstraykids/Instagram

Hyunjin was on fire during Stray Kids’ recent MANIAC concerts in Seoul. While fans loved everything from his energy…

…to his bright red hair…

…one thing that stood out was the writing on one of his t-shirts.

During a portion of the show, Hyunjin wore a shirt by Vetements that reads, “hotter than your ex better than your next,” a phrase that STAYs think fits the idol well.

| @hj_jellyboy 2/Twitter

Fans can’t help but agree that he is, in fact, “hotter than your ex.”

To follow up the statement, during a fansign call, one STAY had Hyunjin say the phrase: “I have more charm than your ex, and I’m a better guy than your next boyfriend.”

| @320_c_u/Twitter

He said the phrase and added the English line, “Hotter than your ex.”ย 

| @320_c_u/Twitterย 

And while by the end of the video Hyunjin seems a bit sheepish, fans think he should own the phrase.

After all, he knows just what to do when performing. His rapping is impressive.

Hyunjin nails Stray Kids’ intense choreography every time.

And he’s especially hot when he’s confident at what he’s doing. The smirking is working for him.

He’s on a different level.

What more could fans ask from him?

Stray Kids

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