Stray Kids’ Hyunjin And Lee Know Can’t Forget I.N Breaking A Restaurant’s Door

The rest of them hadn’t even known about it.

In a spin-off of Stray KidsTwo Kids Room, they’ve debuted a new segment called One Kid’s Room. Instead of only two members having discussions about their experiences and feelings, all of them gather and focus their discussion on just one member.


The first one to become their victim was maknae I.N.

When they mentioned how clumsy he was, Seungmin didn’t seem to think that was quite the right word to describe him. Lee Know removed his lollipop just to give his honest observation:

He causes trouble.

To prove it, he mentioned an incident he witnessed that shocked him: the time I.N had broken the door of a restaurant. Since all of the members hadn’t been there at the time, they were just as shocked hearing about it for the first time.

He broke the door at this malatang place. It was shocking.

Han was so surprised that he nearly popped out of his seat, leaning forward to ask Lee Know if it were really true. It made Hyunjin replay the scene in his mind. It caused him to burst into laughter while Lee Know joined him, asking, “You remember it, right?”

He broke the door?

Since Hyunjin did, he shared the memory in more detail. Unthinkingly, I.N had forcefully swung the door open, breaking it. It caused the employees to immediately come to him and ask if he had been hurt.

He flung the door open, and it broke. All the employees came out, “Are you okay? Are you okay?”

Fortunately, no one was harmed, save the door. It seems like I.N doesn’t know his own strength. Watch Lee Know and Hyunjin have a good laugh recalling the memory.

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