Stray Kids’ Hyunjin And Lee Know Pass A Compatibility Test With Flying Colors

Even they were impressed by how well they match up.

Stray KidsHyunjin and Lee Know‘s personalities are similar enough that they often act like siblings.


Since they were the only two members representing their group on an episode of TMI News, it was only natural to test out how compatible they are.

When the host asked them to choose between spicy or plain fried chicken, they both chose the former. Lee Know was impressed they’d both chosen it and pointed to Hyunjin in a sign of praise.

Given a choice between apples or peaches, they once again proved their compatibility by choosing peaches. This time it was Hyunjun’s turn to be amazed as he directed a surprised smile to Lee Know.

They kept their winning streak going with the final choice: mul-naeng or bi-naeng noodles. By then, they’d already realized they were more than compatible and confidently chose mul-naeng, followed by making the same gestures.

Lee Know’s personality may be strange at times, but he’s not alone. His compatibility with Hyunjin proves they’re the perfect match of 4D brothers.

See Hyunjin and Lee Know’s chemistry in action here.

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