Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Chooses Between Having Short Hair And Long Hair

Only one member chose long hair…

Stray Kids recently sat down for an interview with Cosmopolitan‘s YouTube channel, where they focused on their preferences for fashion, answering questions like whether they prefer wearing suits or jeans…

(top, left to right) Stray Kids’ Seungmin, Changbin, Bang Chan, Lee Know, (bottom, left to right) Felix, I.N, Hyunjin, and Han | Cosmopolitan/YouTube 

And whether they prefer wearing beanies or bandanas.

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The interview also asked them about hairstyles, with one question asking whether the members prefer pink or gray hair.

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And, since Changbin was one of the members who said that he preferred pink hair…

Pink hair.


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He, encouraged by his members, tentatively promised that he might dye his hair pink for their next comeback.

Bang Chan: You’ve never tried pink hair right?

Changbin: Yeah.

Felix: Because of DWAEKKI?

Hyunjin: Try it. Try it. Try it.

Changbin: Try..? Okay. I will try.

Bang Chan: Okay so you’ll try for this comeback?

Changbin: This comeback? I think…

The other question about hairstyles, whether the members prefer short or long hair, was one where fans felt divided about Hyunjin‘s answer.

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Hyunjin has had many different hairstyles throughout Stray Kids’ different eras, and with his incredible visuals, he has pulled them all off flawlessly.

No matter the color…

Or style…

Any way that Hyunjin styles his hair becomes iconic.

And because of how effortlessly Hyunjin can pull off any different style, fans have very different opinions about what looks suit him best.

But, certainly, one of Hyunjin’s most memorable hairstyles is his long hair.

Which perfectly suits his features regardless of the color of his hair.

Still, some fans are staunchly in favor of Hyunjin’s short hair. Arguing that the shorter length is also perfect for accenting his visuals.

Especially when he has a darker hair color.

So although fans were mostly assuming that Hyunjin was going to say that he prefers long hair, they couldn’t be too surprised that he chose short hair instead.

In fact, Han is the only member who picked long hair.

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Seungmin easily explained why he prefers short hair.

Because long hair is hot.


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Although his members then teased him, asking him if his current hair wasn’t relatively long.

Is this long hair?

-Bang Chan

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But Seungmin explained that his current length was actually somewhere in between long and short, which is what he ultimately prefers.

I like [the] middle [length].


But, regardless of Hyunjin’s answer, fans can certainly look forward to all of the members effortlessly pulling off any new hairstyles they might try.

You can read more about the interview here.

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