Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Tried A New Hairstyle And Had All Of His Members Whipped For Him

He looked so cute that Han even wanted to kiss him.

Stray KidsHyunjin is known for several things: his dance skills, his ethereal visuals, and his dramatics, to name a few. Hyunjin recently proved that he’s cute too. He was so cute that even his members were whipped for him.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin | @realstraykids/Instagram

During episodes 16 and 17 of Stray Kids’ YouTube series SKZ CODE, “Midnight Amusement Park,” the group spent time at Lotte World to relieve stress.

Stray Kids’ Changbin, Felix, Han, Hyunjin, Lee Know, I.N, Seungmin, and Bang Chan (left to right) | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

They rode rides, played games, and completed individual missions.

Hyunjin was cute throughout the videos; whether it was through interactions with the other members or by himself, he captured the hearts of viewers.

To make matters even more adorable, he decided to try a new hairstyle. Hyunjin regularly gains attention for his hair, and it makes sense considering he looks so good no matter the style. Even others want to rock his looks, whether it’s short, long, or dark.

So, it’s not at all surprising that he looked absolutely adorable with pigtails.

At first, Hyunjin could only find one hair tie, but he was still so cute that Han even wanted to kiss him!

He had all the members whipped, except maybe Seungmin.

Hyunjin eventually found another hair tie and was able to complete the hairstyle. Bang Chan liked it so much that he even told Hyunjin how pretty he looked.

Han even tried to ask Hyunjin out, which he cutely rejected. Changbin then claimed that he was already Hyunjin’s.

And while Han might have been fishing for compliments (he had an individual mission to hear someone tell him he was good-looking), fans loved the moment anyway and can’t get enough of this duo.

Like the other Stray Kids members, fans can’t get enough of Hyunjin either.

Whether it’s while wearing adorable pigtails or any other style he pulls off, Hyunjin is always cute. He doesn’t even have to try. The members and fans love it all.

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