Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Opens Up And Talks About How He Gets Through Life’s Challenges

Hyunjin opens his heart up!

In the seventh episode of One Kids’ Room with Stray Kids, the members talk about Hyunjin. The series is an interesting video where the members talk about a certain member and describe their personality as much as possible, without the member being described in their presence.

The members shared that Hyunjin is sentimental and can easily be controlled by his emotions. Bang Chan added that Hyunjin is the type of person who has a clear distinction of what he likes and what he doesn’t. He adds that it can be easily seen in Hyunjin’s reaction if he likes something or not. The members also shared that Hyunjin lives life true to his feelings, and therefore is a person who tends to express his feelings a lot.

Hyunjin opened up, and talks about how he remains true to his emotions.

Since I’m true to my feelings, my entire feeling just get poured out.

Although difficult, he admitted that he can only endure so much when it comes to experiencing challenges and life’s battles.

In general, I can endure a lot. But once it explodes, I can’t stop thinking about all the difficult times. So, once it explodes, I get shattered completely. It’s hard to pick up the pieces once it’s shattered. So, I leave it shattered.

The members added that Hyunjin is a very immersed person. I.N. and Bang Chan even reanacted Hyunjin’s reactions whenever he would finish an episode of Sky Castle and Hotel del Luna.

According to the members, he also cries when he listens to a sad song while experiencing a difficult time, and that he reads a lot of books. Hyunjin shared that when he was in a difficult time, he had friends who recommended books to him, and so he read them and felt consoled by them which led him to thinking that books are powerful.

He also shared one of the quotes that struck him the most from the books he read:

Even when you face a very difficult moment, as if you’re doing a long jump, if you’re a bit behind, wouldn’t you have a longer runway to be able to jump?

He also shared a quote from a memorable letter a Stay gave him previously, which said:

Scarred grass leaves bear more scent.

Hyunjn seems to have a deep outlook in life, and although it gets inevitably difficult sometimes, he knows he has various sources where he can gain strength from such as his members, books, music, and Stay.

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