Fans “Ratio” Stray Kids’ Hyunjin On Twitter After He’s Caught Flirting

Maybe he’ll think before he flirts next time.

Stray KidsHyunjin just couldn’t stop himself from flirting with fans on Twitter, causing him to end up in a bit of hot water with other STAYs.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Stray Kids’ recently did a Twitter Q&A party ahead of their ODDINARY album release. During the event, one fan replied to one of member Han‘s tweets with, “If you don’t answer me, you owe me a kiss!!!”

However, Hyunjin decided to chime in and tweeted, “KISS ME.”

This quickly had fans flooding to the message to make their opinions known, which led to it having a larger number of quote-retweets than likes. In other words, Hyunjin was “ratioed.”

Jokingly, fans noted that Hyunjin was the first idol to get “ratioed” by his own fandom.

Fans were a little jealous…

Well, maybe more than a little.

“THE RATIO” even trended for some people, along with “Hyunjin” and other Stray Kids related terms.

| Twitter

The ratio fluctuated hours after it was tweeted, but that won’t stop some fans from purposefully trying to up the ratio. All in good fun of course.

Though it seems that Hyunjin has finally “beat the ratio,” in that the number of likes are now higher than the number of quote-retweets.

| Twitter

Regardless, fans noted that Hyunjin deserved the ratio… mostly as a joke. It still probably won’t stop Hyunjin from flirting though, he’s just too good at it.

Stray Kids

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