Stray Kids Hyunjin Reveals Why Felix Had “Rich Guy” Vibes As A Trainee

Felix couldn’t even deny Hyunjin’s memory of their first meeting.

Stray Kids stopped by Vogue Korea‘s studios to share their first impressions of each other.

When it came time for Hyunjin to share his first encounter with Felix, both of them already knew it would be about how much of a rich guy Hyunjin thought him to be.

As soon as Felix switched places with Hyunjin and sat down, he couldn’t stop laughing. Likewise, Hyunjin couldn’t stop smiling as he shared, “First of all, Felix was a very…rich guy.

While Felix cracked up, Hyunijn explained that he’d been the complete opposite of a typical trainee.

Since entering a new place and meeting new people can be overwhelming, most trainees are shy when they join the company.

That wasn’t the case for Felix, “Usually when you first become a trainee, then you’re like, ‘Hello.’ You usually come in like this. But, Felix was different.

As soon as Felix stepped into the room, he was decked out in his finest accessories and full of confidence. “He was iced out with his chains, watch, and wristbands, and said, ‘What’s up guys, I’m Felix,’ as he came in.

After taking it all in at the time, Hyunjin had been stunned by how much he seemed like a total rich guy. He made Felix laugh even more by sharing his thoughts back then, “And I was like, ‘Damn, look at this guy.’” Felix’s looks were deceiving, though.

Rather than being a cold rich guy, Felix was the opposite of what Hyunjin had expected. “But, it turned out that he was a really gentle, soft dude.” Now look at the two, as close as ever.

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Funnily enough, Felix’s pre-debut photos of him as a kid are spot on from Hyunjin’s first impression.

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See Hyunjin make Felix and himself laugh from their hilarious first encounter here.

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