Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Reveals Seungmin Watches Him Shower, Clarifies Seungmin Doesn’t Look Down

His ears were as red as tomatoes.

Stray Kids appeared on the first airing of We K-Pop, and Hyunjin revealed some interesting information that no one had been expecting.

MC Kim Shin Young commented that Seungmin doesn’t look like the type who causes trouble. That’s when Hyunjin spoke up to say that, as his roommate, Seungmin runs wild.

So, Hyunjin decided he would tell everyone about an incident involving the see-through glass panel of their shower. After he showers and turns around, Seungmin is usually standing on the other side of the glass, staring at him. Seungmin likes to scare Hyunjin, and that’s one of the ways he does it.

To make it funnier, Hyunjin clarified that Seungmin never looks down. Since no one had insinuated that he did, everyone burst into laughter, including him and Seungmin. He was so flustered that he ended the story there and said it had been a mistake telling it.

After listening to Hyunjin’s stories, Kim Shin Young said, “Seungmin is out of control,” and everyone decided Seungmin was indeed strange. Check out the hilarious discussion here.

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