Stray Kids Hyunjin’s Savage Response To His Members During I.N’s Graduation Party

Savage Hyunjin strikes again.

Stray Kids held a cute (and chaotic) graduation party for their maknae and baby bread I.N in episode 3 of SKZ CODE.

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As expected, the event was chaotic from the start with the members rushing into the room and saying “Happy birthday!” instead of “Congratulations!

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The graduation party moved along smoothly after that, with Hyunjin stepping up to give I.N his graduation certificate, but then unexpectedly roasting his members with his savage response.

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Hyunjin: You have completed the entire curriculum with flying colors in all aspects.

Han: What? Flying colors? Objection! I don’t think his grades were that great.

Lee Know: Bring your transcript!

Hyunjin: …Let’s just continue because no one here is intelligent.

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Ouch, Hyunjin. Needless the say, the boys quieted down after that, but only temporarily of course.

Source: Stray Kids YouTube

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