Stray Kids’ Hyunjin And Seungmin Discussing Past Hairstyles Couldn’t Be More Different

Seungmin’s answer had Bang Chan hilariously “stressed” before Hyunjin saved the day 😂

Stray Kids recently returned with their new mini-album MAXIDENT and are currently promoting their successful title track, “CASE 143.”

(From left to right) Stray Kids’ Han, Hyunjin, Lee Know, Changbin, Seungmin, I.N, Felix, and Bang Chan | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

During their promotions, the group sat down with Allure for a video interview to discuss their past music videos and give fans some behind-the-scenes info about their iconic discography.

They broke down the meaning and concept of some of their favorite music videos, starting with their track “Easy” from 2020.

Stray Kids’ “Easy” music video | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

Leader Bang Chan explained that the music video represented youthful liveliness with a hint of a creepy horror vibe.

Bang Chan then asked his fellow group members if they knew why their hair color was toned down in the music video, and Seungmin‘s answer was refreshingly too real.

The members have undergone multiple hairstyle changes in the two years since their “Easy” music video. This frequent bleaching and dyeing can dry and damage hair if done frequently.

Stray Kids’ hair in July 2020 | @Stray_Kids/Twitter
Stray Kids’ hair in October 2021 | @StrayKidsGlobal/Twitter
Stray Kids’ hair in March 2022 | @seungdduk/Twitter

Seungmin hilariously exposed that their hair color looked toned down because it was damaged while leader Bang Chan cracked up behind him, telling Seungmin, “Wow, you’re very real!

The second youngest member didn’t stop there; he added that it turns frizzy when they dye their hair.

Hyunjin stepped in to give a more “media-ready” answer, explaining that their hair was toned down because it was a student concept.

Bang Chan elaborated that if they were portraying students in the music video, they couldn’t be seen with colorful hair. Seungmin nodded and mischievously agreed, “yeah, right.

Seungmin and Hyunjin’s opposite answers hilariously showed the group’s lovably playful dynamic.

Check out the full interview below!

Stray Kids

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