Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Is Too Sexy For Their Maknae I.N

Changbin covered his eyes quickly, “Don’t watch.”

When discussing Hyunjin during his episode of Stray KidsOne Kid’s Room, I.N was the one who revealed something the rest of them hadn’t seen coming.


Hearing it from the youngest member made it that much wilder. Without any prompting, I.N stated, “Hyunjin has a sexy body.”

Seungmin was the first to address it, repeating the phrase before asking if I.N had seen it. He, Felix, and Han even leaned closer to hear the answer clearly. I.N hadn’t phrased the statement how he’d intended.

Changbin offered up what he’d meant to say: “His body language is sexy.” Impressed with the speed and accuracy of the rewording, I.N agreed. He then went on to explain how he’d come to that conclusion.

One day, he’d stumbled upon a close-up fancam of Hyunjin that showed off his good body proportions. Since he was covered in sweat, it took the fancam from zero to one hundred quickly.

When I.N saw Hyunjin lift up his neck, that’s when he realized he was absolutely too much for him to handle.

In I.N’s book, it wasn’t just sexy. With an embarrassed smile, he stated, “It’s beyond sexy.” Changbin’s mature side kicked in instantly. He covered I.N’s eyes and told him not to watch it anymore.

No one can escape Hyunjin’s sexiness; even their maknae isn’t immune. Listen to I.N’s confession that had Changbin ready to protect his innocence.

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