Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Used To Fight With I.N Every Time They Went To School Together

Hyunjin felt regretful looking back on it.

During an episode of Two Kids Room, Stray KidsSeungmin mentioned that Hyunjin had fought with a lot of the members in the past, including maknae I.N.


Hyunjin couldn’t deny it and revealed that they would fight every single time they went to school together. Although he couldn’t quite remember the reason why they fought, he remembered the circumstances why.

After practicing for hours, they would only have one hour to sleep before going to school. Hyunjin admitted that it made them sensitive. Under those conditions, anyone would be inclined to be just a bit irritable and confrontational.

They would have fights over where to stand on the subway and whether or not to go to a convenience store. Their pettiness knew no bounds because they were both stubborn.

Looking back on it, Hyunjin realized that I.N had suffered a lot because of him. Not only had he been sensitive from lack of sleep, but he’d faced the added stress of being late since Hyunjin would never wake up on time.

Sometimes everything can build up to a stressful point where anything can be irritating, especially when you’re young. Listen to Hyunjin reflect back on the fights he and the maknae used to get into at 2:56.

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