Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Got Lost At 2018 AAA, Here’s What Happened

He’s directionally impaired, but he has a good reason for it.

At the 2018 Asian Artist Awards, one Stray Kids member ended up making a cute mistake that fans have been talking about ever since.


November 28 was a big night for Stray Kids. This talented rookie group was nominated for the “Popularity Award” and took home the “Rookie of the Year” award.


When the time came to receive their award, Stray Kids made their way to the stage, along with fellow “Rookie of the Year” winners IZ*ONE, (G)I-DLE, and THE BOYZ.


That’s when Hyunjin got a little confused. He ended up walking in the opposite direction until Han snagged his arm and guided him back to the group!


In episode 10 of Stray Kids’ show SKZ-TALKER, the members asked Hyunjin to explain the reason why he had gotten lost on his way to the AAA stage. Hyunjin said that he had no idea why he had walked in the wrong direction…


…until Han provided a much better excuse. Han jokingly suggested that Hyunjin’s original plan had been to circle around the area to greet his fans, but Hyunjin didn’t end up having enough time to do so.


Han emphasized that this was the true reason why Hyunjin had lost his way. It wasn’t because Hyunjin is an “idiot”. Nope. Absolutely not!


Once Hyunjin realized Han had helped him only to tease him, Hyunjin laughed and chased him away with a hairdryer.


To see Hyujin’s endearing mistake and Stray Kids’ win, check out the full clip here…


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