Stray Kids’ I.N Can Even Make Friends With A Lamp

Han and Hyunjin were losing it.

Not only did Stray Kids have a ton of fun during their game of Truth Or Dare with Young Hollywood, but I.N ended up making an unexpected new friend.

After reading the cards he’d picked up, Changbin discovered it had been for I.N, asking him to reveal a secret about the person to his left. Since I.N was on the end, beside Lee Know and Seungmin to his right, there was only one logical solution for him.

Being the funny boy that he is, I.N turned to his left, where no one was standing and stared into thin air. This witty move had every single one of them cracking up at the joke. They even wanted to join in on the fun.

Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Han all turned to the same direction I.N was facing. That’s when Felix realized what was going to happen, bursting into laughter as he pointed.

With the trio pointing to I.N’s left, straight at the lamp that was there, they began talking to the inanimate object. Hyunjin asked, “What is your secret?” Han hilariously followed his lead, adding a term of endearment, “Brother, what is your secret?”

By then, I.N had to finish what he started. He stood up and reached for the lamp, asking it what its secret was. This had them all laughing as much as they had before.

In the end, I.N’s new friend couldn’t give them an answer. Instead, Hyunjin was the one who he’d had to reveal a secret about. What did he reveal?

Hyunjin isn’t a fan of onions and refuses to eat them. When they’re fried, that changes. He then has no problem eating the disliked food.

Only Stray Kids can manage to make friends with a lamp and make it utterly hilarious. Watch I.N convert the object into a new STAY.

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