Stray Kids’ I.N Crashes Bang Chan’s Live And Proves He Really Is The “Maknae On Top”

This duo is so cute together!

I.N and Bang Chan might be the youngest and oldest members of Stray Kids respectively, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t get along.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan and I.N | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Even though he’s the youngest, I.N has no problem speaking up for himself and saying what he wants. Because Stray Kids are all friends, the group has stated that they don’t have strict formalities. I.N continues to prove this fact.

During his most recent episode of “Chan’s Room,” Bang Chan played I.N’s “Maknae On Top” (Feat. Bang Chan, Changbin), a song that’s a true testament to the maknae‘s (youngest) place in the group.

“Maknae On Top” | Stray Kids/YouTube 

Bang Chan had barely started “Maknae On Top” when I.N suddenly appeared dancing to the track!

| Stray Kids/VLIVE

It was almost as if he had been summoned by the song. Bang Chan was noticeably surprised.

Proving how comfortable he is with the leader, I.N even pushed Bang Chan away to jokingly introduce his own VLIVE segment.

All in good fun of course!

Fans noted that it has been a while since the last time I.N appeared on “Chan’s Room,” and it’s sweet to see the change over the years.

Though it’s been a long time, that didn’t stop the pair from having fun. They listened to music and created many “meme worthy” …

… and cute moments together during the live.

They even ended the live by both giving Bang Chan’s signature hug to STAYs.

| Stray Kids/VLIVE

Fans always think that it’s super cute to see this duo.

And it’s heartwarming that they get along so well.

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