Stray Kids’ I.N Has A Hilarious Reason For Nicknaming Hyunjin “Ugly”

The maknae has a method to his madness, and it’s actually really heartwarming.

Since the members of Stray Kids love to play around, they can’t resist giving each other funny nicknames.

As the playful maknae he is, I.N has come up with one for his lovable hyung Hyunjin.

Even though Hyunjin is known for his visuals that makes everyone think of a royal prince, I.N loves to teasingly call him motnani, or ugly.

From the moment I.N finds him, he’s quick to use the playful nickname, calling Hyunjin their group’s ugly representative, “Here’s our dorm’s motnani.”

When Hyujin complained about always being the one called the name, especially with the other members like Seungmin and Lee Know joining in, I.N explained his funny reasoning for saying it.

The nickname wasn’t referring to Hyunjin’s looks in the way that it seemed. Since he’s already handsome, I.N wanted him to reach a new level by repeating the humorous nickname. He revealed, “We have to keep saying it so you’ll become more handsome. That’s what my math teacher told me.”

While the nickname itself was hilarious, I.N’s reason for using it was even more so. Math didn’t seem to be the only subject his teacher was teaching; he was also teaching reverse psychology.

Knowing that, Hyunjin can’t be too irritated at that sweet reasoning behind I.N’s cute nickname for him.

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