Stray Kids’ I.N Had To Pick Between Han And Changbin, Here’s What He Did Instead

The playful maknae had a trick up his sleeve that proved just how he felt about them.

As Stray KidsmaknaeI.N has seven older brothers to look out for him. Naturally, they would want to know if he has a favorite among them.

When he was paired with Han and Changbin for an episode of Two Kids Room+1, they received a bit of an answer to that question.

While the three of them were snacking on chips, Changbin casually asked, “I.N, who do you like better? Me or Han?” There was no hesitation in his savage response.

Without batting an eye, I.N stated, “I hate you both.” Changbin wasn’t buying it, of course. He warned him, “Be honest.”

To avoid their watchful eyes and build suspense, I.N suggested a method of finding out, “You two should close your eyes. I’ll feed you this chip. I’ll bring it to your mouth.”

Both of them agreed with the plan. Leaning back and closing their eyes, Changbin and Han waited to munch on the prized chip.

That wasn’t what I.N had in mind when he held up two chips. Rather than placing a chip in both of their mouths at the same time, he brought them to his own mouth and began crunching away.

They opened their eyes to realize that neither of them had been chosen. Instead of viewing it negatively, they had a reasonable explanation.

Han pointed out the choice was too difficult to make because of their dazzling personalities, “I’m sure he can’t choose. Honestly, we are nice.” Changbin followed his lead, laying it on thick, “We are both such lovely and cute people.”

With a laugh, I.N went along with them and agreed. Han wasn’t convinced, though.

He turned to I.N and spoke his thoughts aloud. Han wanted to get to the bottom of it, “Did you mean that you agree with us on that, or was it sarcasm? Is it the first or second?”

Holding back the teasing just a bit, I.N hinted at his true feelings, “Half and half.”

He may not want to choose between them because he cares about them equally. Watch I.N tease his older brothers with what he truly thinks about them here.

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